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Domestic logistics

Professionals looking for domestic transport services are eagerly deciding on a company with great experience, and history of delivering great quality.
FUH KOWALSKI as a company with great experience, takes pride in domestic logistics services.
The tools and experience is our equipment which results in professional delivery of our services. Qualified team and up-to-date tracking system makes our job not only efficient but also saves time of our valued customers.

FUH KOWALSKI is more than domestic logistics.
It's logistics for the most demanding professionals!

International logistics

Business professionals, looking for an international carrier are choosing the one with broad experience in both domestic and international logistics.

We pride ourselves in cargo deliveries to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. That is why we always care to work in partnership with every customer and that the perfect execution has always the highest priority. Our fleet is always on time.

Our services are not only standard goods delivery. FU KOWALSKI is an all-around, logistics company that will suit even the most demanding customers.


Our fleet consists of 19 vehicles - mainly DAF and IVECO trucks. All of our vehicles are meeting the requirements of Euro3, Euro5 and Euro6 European emission standards.

Semi-trailers are coated with curtain siders, which are developed by KOGEL or FLIEGL. Semi-trailers are no older than 2013 and are equipped with all of the tools, which enable covering different types of goods.

We specialise in delivering goods like sugar, paper and steel. We work in close-collaboration with most important Polish and international companies.